Empowering communities with snake education, advancing research, and promoting conservation. Together, we aim to reduce human-snake conflict and minimize the impact of snakebites for the benefit of all

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Saving Lives, Limbs & Livelihoods.

Snakebite is a potentially life threatening neglected tropical disease, responsible for immense suffering, effecting the poorest and most marginalized in Kenya and throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. 138,000 deaths are estimated globally each year, with upwards of 500,000 facing some form of permanent disability, disfigurement or mental trauma.

Snakebite envenoming accounts for 44.8% of all human animal conflict cases in Kenya, resulting in 43.1% of all fatalities and 76.9% of all the injuries.

Snakebite effects most those that can least afford it. The economic cost of treating snakebite envenoming is unimaginable in most communities and puts families and communities at risk of economic peril just to pay for treatment.

The repercussions of surviving snakebite are far reaching and can last a lifetime, not only affecting the victim but the whole family. Disability and disfigurement can lead to unemployment, rejection from the community and stigma.

TAAF fully supports the World Health Organisation’s strategy to reduce deaths and disabilities from snakebite by 50% by 2030, by prioritising efforts to improve community engagement and empowerment as a key pillar of its mission.


Sub-Saharan Africa is the epicentre of a global shortage of quality assured, safe, effective and affordable snake antivenoms.

In addition many victims don’t or can’t get to hospital and staff at many health centres are insufficiently trained in snakebite treatment, even when the antivenom is available.

There is also a continual need to educate rural communities in preventing snakebites both in the home and workplace and the proper first-aid and health-seeking behaviours to adopt in the event of the bite.

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