Snakebite is crippling in more ways than one.

Many of the victims of snakebite are already living on the poverty line. People who survive off the land, often farming in poor quality or no footwear and traditional dress which offers little or no protection; school children frolicking in the fields or playing football barefoot after school; families who live in poorly lit homes with porous walls, sometimes sleeping on the floor close to badly stored food. This is a recipe for snakebite.

Of the 415,000 victims that survive snakebite many will suffer permanent disability, disfigurement and/or mental trauma. No matter which member of the family is bitten, the repercussions are far reaching for the whole family. Watch this heartbreaking documentary “Minutes to Die” which highlights the devastating effects of snakebite around the globe, and how it perpetuates a never ending cycle of poverty.

Preventing snakebite is fundamental to fighting the problem and education is the key.

Film By Lillian Lincoln Foundation

Snake Callout Programme

We operate a snake call out service free to Watamu communities living in snake prevalent areas. We are called almost daily to capture problematic snakes and safely relocate them. In the rainy season callouts are more frequent, up to several over a 24 hour period, our highest recorded number being 8 in one day.

When we attend a rural village to catch a snake, where possible, the handlers gather the community around and teach them how they can reduce the likelihood of snakes in and around the homestead and what to do in the event of a snakebite.

The respect and trust that TAAF has managed to garner among the local population, and the dire need for this service, is evident in the increasing number of calls that we receive daily. Please support us to enable us to grow and develop this valuable service.


You never know when you may need emergency advice in the event of a snakebite. Enter this emergency number in your phone now
+254 729 403 599

We receive calls day and night from victims of snakebite, anxious family members and unsure healthcare workers needing guidance. With years of experience dealing with snakebites, and with access to some of the worlds most respected medical practitioners in snakebite, you can expect reassurance and calm, solid advice on the best thing to do. Download our first aid poster for more information.

Time is of the essence – if someone has been bitten by a snake do not waste time, get to the nearest medical facility as quickly as you can.

Please support us to enable TAAF to continue offering terrified victims advice when they most need it.

Photo by Julia Francombe

School Education Program

We have partnered with Turtle Bay Beach Club who have kindly donated the use of their vehicle on a weekly basis. This will facilitate small groups of local school children to visit the snake farm, free of charge, where they can learn more about snakes and snakebite prevention. Working with older children is a great way to get messages passed back to families at home to make changes that will ultimately make the family safer.

Please support us to help thousands more school children visit the Watamu Snake Farm and learn how they can help protect their families.

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