Safe capture and relocation of an Ashes Spitting Cobra from a school in Lamu.

The support of generous donors has always been the life-blood of the Watamu Snake Farm. Whether it’s supporting our snake handlers who rescue snakes from people’s homes at any time of day or night, our community education programmes to reduce the incidence and impact of snakebite or through a major gift to support much needed infrastructure improvement, we’re honoured by your help to help us save lives, limbs & livelihoods.

The management and running of both the Foundation and the snake farm is costly and whilst TAAF will always continue to seek support for its mission, it also recognises that it must strive to become more self-sufficient in funds. To that aim a vigorous review and plan is underway to create greater revenues from the commercial activities of managing the farm, raising the profile of its activities and working internationally to improve anti-venom technology. We are seeking to be self sustaining in the next 3-5 years.

TAAF and the victims of snake bite urgently continue to require your help NOW

Daily cost of snake callouts to capture problem snakes and safely relocate them.

Weekly cost of school education program.

Monthly fuel, running and maintenance costs of one vehicle.

Monthly operational costs.

To upgrade the public exhibit buildings to create exciting new microhabitats for the animals to enrich their lives and provide visitors with a better educational encounter.

Development of a multimedia education room – where visitors from around the world and local community will learn about snakebite prevention and positive health seeking behaviours through multi-language videos and in-person demonstrations.

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