The Taylor Ashe Antivenom Foundation is a registered non profit organisation, driven by compassionate people wanting to make a difference to the lives of Kenyans. Its purpose is to educate as many people as possible on snakebite prevention and treatment and to be part of the drive towards the development of more effective and safer antivenom for all who need it. TAAF’s key advantage is that it is a local institution, owned, managed and run by Kenyans who understand the challenges communities face and the cultural and social contexts which sometimes complicate health issues such as snakebite. 

The Watamu Snake Farm was founded in 1980, as a reptile research and education centre, by the late James Ashe and his wife Sanda. James and Sanda ran the snake farm in Watamu on a very tight budget, attracting support and respect of experts from around the world. In 2002 James’s health deteriorated and Royjan Taylor, his protege, took over the running of the farm with new energy and a drive to create the first snakebite centre of excellence in Kenya. Tragically in 2019, Royjan passed away from a sudden illness at the age of 44, just as he was on the cusp of seeing his vision become a reality. The Taylor Ashe Antivenom Foundation was established in memory of James and Royjan, to continue their legacy.

Prior to his death, Royjan had built working relationships with several leading local and international authorities on snakebite and had created a vision to rejuvenate, repurpose and reposition TAAF and the snake farm in order to secure its long-term future viability, ensuring its work was based on solid science. His groundwork paid off, and after his death, the Global Snakebite Initiative (GSI) and the Lillian Lincoln Foundation (LLF) agreed to partner with TAAF in collaboration with other organisations to support the development of a new Pan‐African polyvalent antivenom to meet Africa’s dire need.

A generous donation from the LLF was used to upgrade the facilities at the snake farm, including the building of a milking suite, laboratory and a reptile house. The goal is to establish a world-class centre where we can educate communities about snakebite dangers, conduct training seminars for local doctors and health workers and collect snakebite data to help convince health authorities to give greater emphasis to the problem.

TAAF is eager to develop relationships with potential donors who see the value in the work we do and commit to supporting our activities over a defined period. We hope to be able to save many more lives every year.

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