Snakebite Risk Mitigation Activities 

Our goal is to be sustainable in the  next 3-5 years. Initiatives like snake safaris, snake safety at work and snake awareness trainings to people living and working in remote locations (lodges and ranches) is helping communities and organisations to become more “snake safe” and aware of the risks around them, what they can do to reduce the likelihood of snakebite, protect their workforce and guests, and  live more safely with venomous snakes. 

It is also becoming more and more apparent that to prevent snakebite incidences, the focus needs to shift to better understanding of distribution, abundance, behaviour, and habitat preferences of venomous snakes. Our Snake Safaris, Snake Awareness Training and Snake Safety at Work programmes all provide us with the opportunity to travel around Kenya and gather this information and create a network of interested citizen scientists to contribute to this vital information.


Snake Safaris

There is nothing as exhilarating as seeing a snake in the wild! Our guided snake safaris provide an amazing opportunity to explore the wilds of Kenya with a knowledgeable and skilled snake handler to do just that. From short half day excursions from the snake farm to longer camping or lodge safaris we can tailor a trip to your individual needs. Our team are passionate about snakes and Africa and we can’t wait to share this with you. Contact us so we can begin planning this experience of a lifetime with you. 

Snake Awareness Training

There are 228 different types of snakes in Kenya, and even within a single species there are often multiple colour variations which can make identification difficult. The vast majority of our snakes are non-venomous and only around 23 species have known to kill someone. The knee jerk reaction when seeing a snake is to kill it, but snakes are a vital part of the ecosystem, controlling disease spreading rodents.

This course helps dispel some of the myths surrounding snakes, how to tell the safe from the dangerous and basic snake handling and snakebite first aid – to help in our mission of saving lives and saving snakes.


Many organisations working in Kenya are based in remote areas and hostile conditions where snakes are common. We can mobilise one of our highly skilled venomous snake handlers to your location, where they will be based for the duration of the project or for as long as you need them. The snake handlers will travel with all the equipment that they require to safely remove and relocate snakes that have trespassed into your working environment. All of our snake handlers are fully bilingual and able to give talks to employees and guests on snakes, their importance and importantly how to avoid snakebite.Our unique selling point is that our snake handlers have access to antivenom if required and the best medical supervision in the event of a snake bite. 

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