Embark on a Thrilling Journey: Unleash Your Potential as an Intern at Watamu Snake Farm!

International travel has become an important aspect of a student’s educational journey as they transition from school to tertiary education. The concept of a “Gap Year” has evolved beyond the stereotypical image of partying and indulgence with friends. Instead, it now encompasses a meaningful experience focused on personal growth and contributing to society. Whether you are a student preparing for your Gap Year or an adult looking for an insightful travel idea, the Watamu Snake Farm located on the beautiful North coast of Kenya, provides a fantastic opportunity in an idyllic environment.

The Watamu Snake Farm is a unique facility that is dedicated to the conservation of reptiles. Participants will get practical, hands-on experience in the day to day running of the organisation and the chance to work with a variety of venomous and non-venomous reptiles. In working with us you will become part of our team and help us maintain and uphold our ethos of “conservation through education and research”.

In addition, at the Watamu Snake Farm, we are focused on helping to save lives and helping to mitigate against the devastating effects of snakebite. Our work with local communities, helping to prevent snakebite and educate about positive health seeking behaviors and how to respond in the event of snakebite, is some of our most interesting work.

A placement with us will be a massively rewarding experience, allowing you to gain knowledge into the fascinating world of reptiles. There is rarely a dull moment at The Watamu Snake Farm as exciting new challenges present themselves on an almost daily basis! If you are a budding veterinarian, a medical student, interested in conservation or just a snakey geek look no further!

We offer different packages for experiencing life at the Snake Farm, please get in touch for more information -info@taaf-eastafricanreptiles.org.  

“During my 4-month Snake Farm internship, I had an incredible learning experience. The team at the farm taught me invaluable knowledge about Kenyan reptiles and the proper care needed to ensure their safety. From the very beginning, I was immersed in understanding the different species and their unique characteristics. Thanks to the team’s guidance, I quickly gained the skills to care for these impressive and potentially dangerous animals. The internship provided a well-rounded approach to learning, starting with a solid theoretical foundation and practical experience with non-venomous species. This allowed me to gradually transition into training with venomous species. The team’s commitment to safety and their step-by-step method created an optimal learning environment.

I had the opportunity to work with some truly remarkable reptiles, including cobras, vipers, mambas, and pythons. Being able to assist in their care was an incredibly rewarding experience. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed working with other fascinating species such as Monitor lizards, Crocodiles, and Tortoises.

Overall, my time at the Snake Farm internship was invaluable. I gained a wealth of knowledge and practical skills that have prepared me to continue working with these incredible creatures. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and highly recommend this internship to anyone interested in reptiles and their conservation.”

Arthur Zolly