Are you ready to elevate your photography skills and capture stunning images of snakes?

While photographing snakes can be challenging due to their speed and unpredictability, fear not! At Watamu Snake Farm, we specialise in providing a safe and thrilling environment for capturing images of Kenya’s most exquisite and potentially dangerous snakes.

With a team of highly skilled snake handlers ready to assist, we offer a unique opportunity for a one-of-a-kind snake photoshoot experience. Choose from our diverse selection of snakes, including venomous ones if you dare, and let our experts assist you in setting up the perfect shots with natural backgrounds.

For those seeking additional guidance on optimising their photography equipment and skills, our resident photographer, Carlos De La Kruz, is available for personalised training sessions to help you make the most out of your shoot.

We are confident that your time with us will not only be an unforgettable adventure but also result in stunning, professional-quality photographs that you can cherish for a lifetime. But don’t just take our word for it; here’s some feedback from one of our recent clients:

Here are our top tips for a fantastic snake photoshoot:

  1. Respect and safety: It’s important to remember that snakes are wild animals. Approach them with respect, maintain a safe distance, and prioritize their well-being while capturing your photos.
  2. Understand your subject: Take the time to observe the snake’s behavior and body language. Understanding how they move and react can help you anticipate the perfect moment to capture.
  3. Focus on details: Snakes have unique features such as scales, eyes, and patterns. Get up close and focus on these details to create impactful and captivating images.
  4. Use natural light: When possible, opt for natural light to illuminate your subject. Natural light creates a more organic and vivid look in your photographs.
  5. Play with composition: Experiment with different angles and compositions to create visually dynamic images. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try unique perspectives.
  6. Patience pays off: Snakes can be unpredictable, so patience is key. Allow the snake to get comfortable with your presence and be ready to seize the perfect moment.

Follow these great tips and then share your best snake photos with us on social media @eastafricanreptiles and be part of our passionate photography community!

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